About the certificate

You can apply for a certificate from the Preston & South Ribble Fairtrade Group to display at your church or faith group premises if you are committed to supporting Fairtrade. A new certificate was brought out in 2014 in line with the certificate used in shops and cafes in the area.

To qualify you should:-

1. Use only Fairtrade tea and coffee at all your meetings and functions.
2. Encourage your members to purchase Fairtrade products from local supermarkets, Fair Trade reps, by mail order or via the internet.

And if you can:
3. Hold regular Traidcraft stalls or distribute Traidcraft catalogues to encourage orders from members.
4. Provide opportunities for members to consider the application of their faith in the area of Fairtrade eg Harvest, One World Week, Fairtrade Fortnight.

To apply for a certificate:

Anne Garsed Tel 07813 870641 or email fairpreston@gmail.com (in Preston)
Cath Greenlees Tel 01772 613500 or email cathgreenlees@hotmail.co.uk (in South Ribble)

A member of the Group would be willing to speak on the topic of Fairtrade as part of a regular Church service/Faith meeting.