Bible references

Some suggested Biblical references

" There are times when it seems to me that nearly every page of the Scriptures contains evidence of God's abiding love for the poor, His deep mercy, and His passion for justice"

Steve Bradbury
National Director, TEAR Austalia

There are so many passages on the mercy, compassion and justice of God that it is difficult to list just a few. The Prophets of the Old Testament provide page after page on these aspects of the character of God and His concern that His followers should exhibit similar characteristics. However some suggested passages very suitable for sermons and/or Bible Studies are listed below.

  • Deuteronomy: 24 v10-22
  • Job: 24 v1-12
  • Proverbs: 14 v21-22 and v31
  • Psalm: 10
  • Isaiah: 1 v10-17
  • Isaiah: 58 v1-11
  • Amos: 2 v6-7
  • Micah: 6 v1-8
  • Matthew: 25 v31-46
  • Mark: 8 v1-10
  • James: 5 v1-6

"The fields of the poor may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away."

Proverbs 13:23

Bananas are the UK's most popular fruit, yet mostly grown on large plantations where chemical use is rife and workers often face dangerous conditions. Small family farms find it impossible to compete with their low prices, and many have abandoned their plots. But Fairtrade Mark bananas, which guarantee growers higher prices, are now available in some supermarkets.

Costa Rican banana grower Maynor Ugo Ugalde said: "It would be very difficult for us to survive, let alone prosper and plan for the future, without Fairtrade." Although Fairtrade is now bigger than ever before, there are still thousands of producers who do not yet benefit. Increased awareness of the Fairtrade Mark could boost sales and bring a better deal to more people like Maynor.

For a stark warning to unscrupulous middlemen see Amos 8v4-7.