Fairtrade clergy shirts

Fairtrade Clergy Shirts

Butler & Butler is a family business, run by Mr Richard Butler and Revd Simon Butler. The company was established with the sole aim of supplying clergy with the finest quality Fairtrade clerical shirts.

Few would dispute the importance of Fairtrade in guaranteeing producers from developing countries a fair price for their goods and labour, and thankfully there are ever increasing numbers of Fairtrade products available. However, until now, buying a Fairtrade Clerical Shirt has not been an option.

Compelled by a commitment to Fairtrade in all its forms the first range of Fairtrade Cotton Clerical shirts available in the world has just been introduced.  All of the shirts are made from 100% Fairtrade Certified Cotton - not the usual poly-cotton mix - which ensures that small scale cotton farmers from developing countries receive a fair and stable price for their goods and labours. Additionally they receive a Fairtrade premium which enables them to invest in their farm businesses and communities.

The shirts are produced in East Africa by one of the Industry's most respected Fairtrade garment makers and use organic cotton grown in India. The shirts are pre-shrunk and so will not shrink on washing.

To contact/order see www.fairtradeclergyshirts.co.uk